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Sehatkan Emosimu Maka Akan Sehat Pula Kulitmu

Membaca jurnal membuka wawasan kita sobat Janice…

Emotional stress as a trigger for inflammatory skin disorders.


Dermatologic disorders comprise 15% to 20% of complaints seen in general practice. Skin disorders result in a negative impact to the patient not only physically but also psychologically, socially, and occupationally. The most common trigger for several inflammatory skin disorders, including psoriasis, is emotional stress. Understanding the significance of emotional triggers to common inflammatory dermatologic disorders is critical to the optimal management of these conditions. This article will provide an overview of the effects of emotional stress on skin disorders and psychotherapeutic options.

Semoga cuplikan jurnal riset diatas memberi gambaran dan manfaat sobat Janice semua

Selamat malam 🙂


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